Frequently Asked Questions

About VIP Yacht Dubai

  1. How long has VIP Yacht Dubai been in business?

VIP Yachts Dubai started in 2008


  1. Do you have your own captains and crew and are they qualified?

Yes all our crew in captains have overall 25 years experience and top reputation.


  1. Do you own your own yachts and are the vessels insured?

Yes, the operating vessels are owned by the company and are fully insured.


  1. How many yachts do you have?

Currently, there are six yachts in operation. The six different yachts have different accommodation capacity that is ranging from eight to fifty persons.


  1. How much is a yacht to charter?

The price per hour depends on the capacity of the yacht. Currently, the prices ranges from 500 Dhs to 3500 Dhs per hour.


  1. Do you have any special offers?

Yes. There is a special offer for the Majesty 101 yacht. With the capacity of 50 persons,


  1. How do I book a yacht?

Booking online is enabled. You can book through email or by a call. Booking is available for 24 hours. You can call or WhatsApp through +971 50 945 56 02


  1. How do I make deposits and pay the balance?

All you need to do is to call through the provided contacts, for mobile

calling use +971 50 945 56 02  and for the telephone calls use +971 4 347 94 43.

A representative will direct you on how to make the deposits and pays. You will also be given the different payment alternatives to use.  


  1. Can you supply food and drinks for my charter?

Quality food is provided to clients traveling. The catering services provide a full range of cuisines.

  1. Do you have Jet ski’s?

Jet skies’ is one of the sporting events that are available for the customers. Besides the jet ski’s, other sporting events include banana riding and wake boarding.


On the day of the charter

  1. Where is VIP Yacht Dubai?

The VIP Yacht Dubai is located at Al Barsha Business Point, Near Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, UAE.

  1. Can I extend my charter?

Yes. You can always ask for an alternative or extra arrangements before you begin your travel. You will also be required to pay for the extra cost before the charter at the office or with cash to your captain during the trip.  

  1. Can I order for food?

Definitely yes. If you will need for during the charter, ensure that you include this requirement while booking. A personalized catering manager will get back to you to discuss the type of cuisine you will want and the number of people to be served. Besides food, drinks are also available.