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Incredible Features to View While Yachting in Dubai

Yacht hire in Dubai has never been a disappointment to tourist. This is because not only the incredible yacht charter in Dubai will make your trip exciting but also the most incredible tourist attraction features that you get to view while on board. Yacht hire in Dubai is indeed the most affordable way to have a view of several most amazing and stunning scrivener in Dubai. The highly trained yacht captains understand well the routes that will give you the most incredible view of many features. These features include the following:

The Dubai eyes

This is one of the most incredible views located on the Blue water island complex. The recently completed Dubai eye stands at about 200 m high. As you yacht charter in Dubai, you can have this most incredible view and even take the most stunning pictures.

The Dubai water canal

This is an artificial canal in Dubai. You can stop by the shopping Center, hotels and restaurants. You will also enjoy this view from the yacht. This Dubai water canal is wide enough to allow him yachts to pass through.

Dubai yacht club

Before beginning your journey on the yacht, you have the most delicious food and unlimited drinks at the Dubai yacht club. Here you will experience really nice music and even make friends with the people in the yacht club. This club offers entertainment and tranquility to the customers who are planning to have their yachting experience. If you have booked for a yacht hire in Dubai and you have traveled earlier before the scheduled date and time of yachting, you can spend your days in the club as you enjoy a good time.


Make sure that your yacht hire in Dubai to view the most amazing features that are found in the sea. lagoon is one of the best wonders in Dubai that you will enjoy its view while on board. Along the way, as you get your trip, you will get the greatest view of the beautiful adjacent views. Apart from the nice view of the buildings there is a lagoon which is just located just past the new Blue water.


The VIP Yachts is one of the service providers who allow for yacht hire in Dubai. Depending on the occasion that you intend to have, the yacht will be beautifully decorated. The good decorations are made by the specialist on board, once you book for a yacht charter in Dubai just mention that you will need decorations. You will be able to ask for the decorations designs that you want. Moreover, you will be allowed to make your own decoration on the yacht. Hiring the yacht means that you have the freedom to use the yacht just as you want. For the different event, you will have the decorations that will just suit it. For instance, if you intend to have a wedding on the yacht, you will get flower decorations, other facilities will also be provided, to make sure that your event becomes successful and luxurious.

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