The Luxurious VIP Yachts Party In Dubai

The VIP yachts Dubai is a Dubai based service provider that offers yachting services to both local and international tourists. The VIP yachts provide rental services to its clients at affordable prices. The service provider is a significant contributor to the marine industry in Dubai.


Types of Luxury yacht charter


There are so many varieties of yacht charters that the VIP yachts Dubai own. The yachts vary in sizes and capacity. The rental fees for the yachts differ depending on the position of the yacht per hour. There are those with the capacity of eight persons, fifteen persons, thirty persons, forty persons, and fifty persons. The VIP yachts Dubai has a special offer, the rental fees have dropped by a great deal per hour.


For the majesty 101 which accommodates a capacity of fifty persons, the initial price was 4900Dhs per hour; however, the current price has dropped to 3500 Dhs per hour. For only 9900Dhs you will be able to enjoy four hours of yachting experience. This will be accompanied by unlimited soft drinks. You can as well request cakes, DJ and food of your choice.

There is also the Oryx 36 with the capacity of 8 persons, its prices have dropped from 700Dhs to 500Dhs per hour. The Gulf Craft 48 is also one of the luxurious yachts, with a capacity of fifteen persons, the rental fees have dropped from 900Dhs to 700Dhs per hour. Additionally, there is the Duretti 75 with a capacity of 30 persons; the rental price has dropped as well from 1500Dhs to 950Dhs per hour. There are many more other models like the majesty 88 and Majesty 101, and many more others. You can visit the VIP Yachts Dubai to view more other yacht charters and check on the capacity and the rental prices per hour.


Special features offered


The VIP yacht Dubai offer the most attractive services to its clients. They are dedicated to making their clients happy and satisfied. First, the yachts are fully equipped to provide the comfort that you need. The service providers have full equipment that is fit for either summer or winter seasons. They have highly skilled personnel who prepare for charters accordingly to give high comfort and to relax mood to the clients. The yachts are as well highly maintained to ensure that the clients are safe and secure while yachting.


While enjoying the yachting experience, you can order for foods and drinks. The VIP yacht Dubai has the best catering services for each yacht charter. They offer high-quality food and drinks. They have a full range of cuisines. When booking for the yacht charter, you need to mention that you will need the catering service. The personal catering manager will get back to you to discuss the type of cuisine that you will require and the number of people to be served.

Additionally, while yachting, you will experience the most amazing water sports. The VIP yachts Dubai offer water sports to its clients. The sporting events include; banana riding, jet ski, and waterboarding.


The VIP Yachts Dubai are the best for both local and international tourists. Yachting in Dubai is the best way to spend your vacation. The professionalism with which the clients are handled gives just but the most comfortable and easy travel. The service provider offers an extensive range of charter packages and deals from which you can choose from. The service has become a tourist destination for the tourist in Dubai. With the luxurious and highly magnificent yachts, the service has attracted many tourists who want to experience comfort and luxury.


The convenience with which the service provider offers is attractive to many. Booking for the charter is straightforward. The VIP Yachts Dubai allows for 24-hour booking. The booking is made by either calling or texting. They have their contact information in their website where you can call or WhatsApp for consultation or booking. For further information, you can visit their offices. They are located at the Al Barsha Business Point near the mall of Emirates in Dubai. They are open from Sunday to Thursday from 10 am to 7 pm, and on Saturday from 10 pm to 7 pm.


The VIP Yachts Dubai is just the perfect destination for you. They offer luxurious experiences at budget-friendly prices. The service provider is mindful of their reputation; they are always at their clients' service to provide the best quality services.